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Best Ways To Prepare For A Junk Removal

Junk in a Box

Best Ways To Prepare For A Junk Removal

There is nothing like having a clean and tidy home. Unfortunately for many homeowners, especially one with children, an uncluttered home seems impossible. Decluttering your home is made possible by junk removal services. Nobody likes living with junk items but they can oftentimes be tricky to dispose of without the proper help. Preparation is key to success in any aspect of life and always makes a difference. If you are ready to hire professional junk removal help, here are the beneficial ways to prepare for the service. 

Create Multiple Piles 

When you start cleaning up your home, you may be surprised at what you come across. Sort what you are cleaning up into a few piles: 

  1. A pile for what you are 100% sure is Junk and need to get rid of 
  2. A pile for items that still have some value and you do not want to dispose of 
  3. A pile for items you no longer want but can make money off 

Not everything that appears as junk on the surface is junk. Always double-check and ask around before getting rid of something for good. The last thing you want to do is throw away a vintage baseball card valued at over a million dollars. 

Keep Donations in Mind 


If you cannot get good monetary resale value for certain items that are still viable but you view as junk, consider donating them. A good way to prepare for a junk removal project is to see what you can donate around your house. A fast way to declutter your property is to donate clothing, toys, and electronics you no longer use. 

Figure Out If The Junk Removal Company Can Take It

Most junk removal companies have a list of hazardous items they cannot help you dispose of. People you pile up items you may think a junk removal company can take, it does not hurt to check with them first. Most junk removal companies do not take batteries, paint, medication, etc. 

Create a List Of What You Are Getting Rid Of

Once you know what you want to get rid of, an inventory list will go a long way. Sharing the list with the junk removal team you choose will also allow them to give you a price for the job and roughly how long it will take. 

Schedule An Appointment With A Professional

Once you know what junk you want removed, contact a professional junk removal company like JNR Junk and Logistics. We will work closely with you to help you organized your home! 


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