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Welcome to JNR Junk & Logistics

Convenient, Quick, and Affordable Junk Removal Services

Garage cleanouts are one of the many services of junk removal we offer. Having a garage that is unusable because of clutter and junk can be a pain for homeowners. At JNR we want to get you back on track, and help reclaim that garage space! Decluttering is a part of what we do! If you only need some of your items removed, and the rest of the space cleaned, and organized, we can help! Get your space back today!

Hoarding is a problem that has been around forever, and at JNR we understand the strain this can put on homeowners, and their families. There are a lot of issues and stress that can come up with hoarding, and we want to make sure that the junk removal aspect is as easy as possible for our clients! Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or business owner, please consider JNR Junk and Logistics as a partner that can help you quickly and easily get your property cleaned!

Welcome to JNR Junk & Logistics

Construction Debris

The last thing you want to worry about on a job site is junk and debris everywhere. It can slow down the progress of the job, and simply be unsafe for your workers. At JNR Junk and Logistics, we want to help you with any construction debris, or job site cleanup you have! We can provide everything from skilled workers that can organize your job site, filling dumpsters to maximize the materials and space put in the dumpster, or giving the job site a quick sweeping!

Need a dumpster for your job? We have options that fit every size job. We have dump trailers that we can leave on jobs sites, and pick up when it is full. Check out our roll of dump trailer page here(link please). Need something bigger? We can get any size dumpster to your job site, do the demo work, fill it and haul it away! So if you have construction debris, or any junk that is affecting your job, please call the experts at JNR Junk and Logistics!

Roll-Off Dump Trailer

Have a smaller job and don’t want to pay for a full dumpster? That is why we are here! We have dump trailers that we will drop off at your locations, you fill it up, and call us to come haul it away! We will pick up the trailer within 24 hours. If you need it again, that is no problem at all, as you pay by the load!

People have used our trailers for everything! Junk, construction debris, yard waste, stone, concrete, brick, furniture, and more! These trailers can hold up to 5 cubic yards of material!

We are an affordable option for material pick up and drop off. Whether it is a pile of mulch for your yard, dirt for the garden, stone for the walkway, and everything in between, we have you covered. Call us today to get materials for your next job delivered on time, and at a great price! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Removal

FAQ's For JNR Junk and Logisitics Junk Removal

Q. What does a junk removal company do? What types of junk does a junk removal company remove specifically?
A. Junk removal companies help remove and dispose of unwanted items, construction debris, old and heavy appliances, and most general waste. Junk removal companies also help perform tasks to initiate junk removal such as light demolition as well. The JNR Junk and Logistics team helps with all of the above. 


Q. How does someone hire a junk removal company to remove debris, trash, waste, and related items? 

A. Most junk removal companies have potential clients request an estimate on the phone or on their website. At JNR Junk and Logistics, any client can request an estimate on our website, social media pages, or by direct phone call. 

Q. What are some of the items that a junk removal company might not take or dispose of?
A. Most junk removal companies will not remove items based on their specific business capabilities. However, most junk removal companies do not remove hazardous material and strong chemicals including fertilizer, bleach, full propane tanks, gasoline, and related items.

Q. Does junk removal also involve moving services? 

A. Yes! In fact, most junk removal companies can provide local moving services with the right equipment and capabilities for residential and commercial moves. At JNR Junk and Logistics, we not only perform a commercial or residential move but we also perform junk removal services in tandem with moving. Why hire two companies for moving and junk removal when you can do it all at once with JNR? 


Q. How does junk removal work? What should I expect from a high quality junk removal company on the day of the work? 

A. Junk removal companies normally go out directly to your home or jobsite to begin assessing unwanted junk, items, and materials that need to be removed. At JNR Junk and Logistics, you receive a competitive quote for services, timely arrival to the jobsite or residency, and exceptional customer service for all your needs. Our junk removal specialists take extra consideration to assess junk removal needs, ensure property is maintained and undamaged, as well as follow up to ensure satisfactory services.

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a junk removal company? Why should I contact JNR Junk and Logistics?

A. Junk removal companies take the stress of hauling, emptying, cleaning, and removing unwanted junk from your home, especially if there is a significant amount. A junk removal company does this with the expertise to also safely dispose and remove unwanted appliances, junk, and other materials. At JNR Junk and Logistics we make it easy to remove unwanted junk, clean debris, remove heavy outdated appliances, moving, and more!