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Common Indicators a Couch Should Be Removed

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Common Indicators a Couch Should Be Removed

Couches typically last about ten years or so, but many homeowners keep them around for more than ten years. While removing a couch from your home is never easy, it is good practice to remove it and replace it when the time comes. Here are five common instances that signal it’s time to remove a couch and replace it with a new one.

1. The Couch Starts To Feel Stiff

A couch is supposed to provide comfort but after years of usage, it can start to stiffen up. A stiff couch is no fun to sit on and can even cause back pain. If your couch is around ten years old and has tighten up, do not hesitate to look for replacements.

2. The Couch Takes Up Too Much Space

If you have lived in the same place for more than a few years, chances are you need more space now than you did when you moved in. The great thing about couches is they come in all different shapes and sizes. If your couch currently takes up more space than it needs to, a smaller couch can do just the trick.

3. The Couch Cannot Be Cleaned

Some couch stains just will not go away, no matter how hard you try. If this is the case for your couch, a new couch is not a bad idea. Couches that are dirty can deter guests from sitting on them and hold back the appearance of your home.

4. The Couch is Damaged

A damaged couch not only does not look good, but it can also be harmful to use. One of the last things anyone wants to experience is getting injured while using the couch.

5. The Couch No Longer Fits Your Style

New home trends can make your couch look like an object of the past. If you have remodeled your home but still have the same couch from many years ago, the couch may look out of place.

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