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How To Have a Sucessful Spring Cleaning

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How To Have a Sucessful Spring Cleaning

With the days slowly but surely getting warmer, Spring will be in full swing in no time. One of the most popular activities for homeowners during the springtime is conducting a spring cleaning. With Summer closing in, Spring is always a great time to create more space for yourself and your house. Do not know where to start with your spring cleaning? Do not worry—we have you covered. Here are five steps to follow to help you have a successful spring cleaning.

1. Start With Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the centerpiece of most homes, so cleaning up this area will always prove to be invaluable. Start with your pots and pans. It is generally recommended to replace your pots and pans every five years so if your pots and pans are older than five years old, it would be a good time to get new ones. After that, look through your cabinets and pantry to get rid of what has expired. Many homeowners have countless items in their kitchen that expired years ago.

2. Tidy Up Your Garage

Many homeowners use their garages for storage space, but garages have more potential than that. If your garage is filled with items you do not plan on keeping or using down the line, consider getting rid of them. Free garage space creates an opportunity to use the space better and more efficiently.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Paperwork

Paperwork piles up quickly, especially if you keep documents you do not really need. Set aside some time to organize your paperwork into two piles: one to keep and one to toss. You can always rip up paperwork you do not need or use a shredder.

4. Say Goodbye to Old Furniture

It is not uncommon for homeowners to keep old furniture around even after they buy its replacement. With that said, old furniture can take up valuable space and affect the aesthetics of your home. If you do not need to keep an old piece of furniture around, consider getting rid of it.

5. Old Cardboard Boxes

For one reason or another, many homeowners keep cardboard boxes lying around somewhere in their respective homes. If you are ready to toss some cardboard boxes, spring is a good time to do so.

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