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Junk Removal Compared To Dumpster Removal

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Junk Removal Compared To Dumpster Removal

Sometimes, a standard garbage bag or garbage can will not suffice your needs. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to dispose of seemingly never ending waste but need help, you have several options. On one hand, you can always hire a professional junk removal team. On the other hand, you can rent out a dumpster and take matters into your own hands. Let us compare the two options and help you decide which way to go. 

Choosing The Junk Removal Route


When you have an abundance of junk items lying around your home and need it cleared as soon as possible, junk removal services can do the trick. Junk removal companies usually offer multiple team members to help you do what you cannot do alone. Junk removal companies will not take a handful of hazardous materials so it is important to confer with them before working together. Junk removal companies are usually best when you want to remove:


  • Old refrigerators
  • Old washers
  • Old mattresses 
  • Large dining room tables
  • Large Furniture pieces

How Much Does It Cost for a Junk Removal and How Long Does It Take?


Junk removal services costs will vary but usually cost a few hundred dollars. Junk removal jobs can typically be done in just a couple of hours 

Choosing The Dumpster Route 


Dumpster rentals are extremely helpful and serve as a good avenue to get rid of unwanted items. However, unlike a junk removal service, with a dumpster, you have to throw things into the dumpster on your own. Surely you can hire someone to help you throw waste into the dumpster but that would increase costs and defeat the purpose of having a dumpster. If you do not want to do much of the heavy lifting, choosing a junk removal team is the better route. The most common waste items to rent a dumpster for are: 


  • Debris from Construction or Storms
  • Antiquated heavy Appliances
  • Disposal of Multiple furniture 

Junk Removal Services in Methuen, MA

At the end of the day, whether you choose a junk removal service or rent a dumpster is completely up to you. Do what you believe is the most efficient way to declutter your property. Compare the prices and do what you feel most comfortable with. If you need a reliable junk removal team in the Methuen, MA area, count on JNR Junk and Logistics. Our friendly and skilled staff will work closely with you to address your needs! Contact us to get started today! 


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