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Overview of Lawrence, MA Junk Removal Services

With a population just under 90,000 people, Lawrence, MA is a town you can frequently find our team in! With an abundance of homes and commercial buildings, we are always ready to assist the Lawrence community however we can. 

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Before and After Junk Removal Projects:

Seasonal Cleanup

Seasonal Cleanups in Lawrence, MA:

Seasonal cleanups are one of our most requested junk removal services. With inclement weather year-round in Massachusetts, staying on top of seasonal cleanups is essential. Delaying or ignoring necessary cleanup around your property can lead to a messy yard and stunted growth. JNR Junk Removal can make seasonal cleanups hassle-free! We can get your yard looking clean in just a matter of time! 

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Garage and Home Cleanouts: Lawrence, MA

Most garages around the country are filled with junk items that clog up valuable space. Garages are better served as an entertainment or parking space. After years of tossing junk items into a garage, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get rid of all of it once and for all. Our team can stop by and make the Garage and home cleanout simple. If you do not feel like lifting a finger, we will willingly carry the burden! 

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