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A Variety of Convenient, Quick, and Affordable Junk Removal Services

JNR Junk & Logisitics offers a wide variety of junk removal services because we know junk can happen pretty much anytime, anywhere. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, junk can pile up before you know it. When piles of junk items are stressing you out, do not worry and count on our team to help you declutter efficiently and effectively. Learn more about all the ways we can help by continuing to read below! 


Home And Garage Clean Outs

If you have lived in the same home for more than five years you are bound to have “junk items” around or piled up somewhere in your house. Junk inside a home can pile up for a variety of reasons, and many homeowners lack the motivation to remove the junk on their own. Even for some homeowners who are interested in cleaning up their junk, they sometimes do not know where to start. Whether you lack motivation or do not know the best way to remove residential junk, work with our team and we will make the process hassle-free for you. You would be surprised to find out how much space your home can regain by conducting a junk removal project. Regain valuable space, save money and improve your peace of mind by working with us on a residential home clean out today! 

Light Demolition Clean Ups

Light Demolition projects are popular across the state of Massachusetts and while they serve a purpose, they can leave behind quite the mess. The most common light demolition clean ups involve floor removal, wall, removal, and cabinet removal. Cleaning up the mess a light demolition process will cause during the demolition can speed up the project and prevent any delays. Once the projects is complete, there will still be plenty of debris and junk pieces to get rid of. Whether you want to get rid of the mess on your own but need the resources or would like professional assistance we are here to help! 

If you would like a dumpster for your demolition clean up, we can gladly provide one! We can offer a variety of different sized dumpsters so whatever type of dumpster you need, just let us know! 

Seasonal Clean-Ups

With the weather and climate in Massachusetts being what it is year-round,  seasonal      clean-ups need to be taken seriously. This is especially true if you are a homeowner who cares about the aesthetics of your yard or lawn. Over a long winter in Massachusetts, dead leaves, and other unwanted pieces of waste is bound to build up outside your home. There are many benefits that will come from conducting a seasonal clean-up and you do not have to do it on your own. Give your outdoor property a chance to start fresh and grow by working with our team on a season clean-up today!