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What Are the Most Common Items Junk Removal Companies Take?

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What Are the Most Common Items Junk Removal Companies Take?

Most junk removal projects involve the same items for removal. While most homeowners are capable of removing certain items from their homes, there are just some items that require junk company assistance. If you are wondering what the most common items typically involved during a junk removal process are, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out what the five most common items are for junk removal companies to take and why.

1. Sofas & Couches

With the typical sofa and couch lasting ten years or so, thousands of sofas and couches are thrown out every year. With the size and weight of sofas, most homeowners cannot physically throw out a sofa on their own and hire a professional junk removal company.

2. Mattresses

Just like sofas and couches, thousands of mattresses are removed from homes each and every year. It is also recommended for mattresses be removed every ten years or so. With a mattress’s dimensions usually large and long, it usually takes more than one person to carry it out. If you need to get rid of an old mattress, do not hesitate to contact your local junk removal professional!

3. Washer & Dryers

Like the previously mentioned items, most washers and dryers hold up well for roughly a decade. When it is time to remove your respective washer and dryer, you will probably learn fast that it is not a one-person task. Washer & dryer removals usually take multiple hands.

4. Workout Machines

Over time, some workout machines become outdated, break or homeowners lose interest in them. Junk removal companies are often called upon to help remove these machines. Workout machines can be heavy and hard to lift up, so nobody should try to remove a workout machine on their own.

5. Fridge & Freezers

Last but certainly not least, the majority of junk removal companies have experience with removing fridges and freezers. If it is time for you to get rid of an old fridge or freezer, always remember that a junk removal company can help you out!

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